Two artists in residence

Two artists in residence


At the dawning of its 9th edition, on the theme of CHAOS, Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie welcomes artists Isabelle Gagné (Mirabel, Québec) and Anne-Marie Proulx (Québec City, Québec) for creation residencies.


Isabelle Gagné

Isabelle Gagné is in the Gaspé until May 21 to carry out the second phase of her residency, which began in the summer of 2017 during the 8th edition of Rencontres with the deployment of the platform and its Web robot [Bot] Stratotype digital—ien. This autonomous bot transforms photos taken by Isabelle Gagné as well as others that were collected after a call went out to citizens. It recomposes then in random fashion by adding to them excerpts from shots of similar geomorphological nature found on Google Images.

For the second phase of her residency, Isabelle Gagné is carrying on taking pictures, which she will transmit to her platform. Citizens also have until May 21 to donate their own pictures by uploading to the platform from their computer, mobile or tablet. The bot will at that point take care of transforming and remixing the photos, which will be archived in a huge CC BY 4.0 bank of copyright-free photos, available to the general public at The results of the Stratotype digital—ien project will be presented in the summer of 2018 during the 9th edition of Rencontres, in collaboration with TOPO – Laboratory for Digital Writings.


Anne-Marie Proulx

Anne-Marie Proulx, for her part, will be doing a creation residency in the Gaspé from May 22 to 31, 2018.
Anne-Marie Proulx creates poetic worlds located between the real and the imaginary, history and myth. Her works present themselves as areas of freedom, open to imaginings, where the real comprises a starting point for arriving at new narrative evocations. In residence in the Gaspé, she’ll make her way through her territory and her community, setting out to meet women who are present there and who carry in them their present history, as much as the traces that accumulate through the passage of time and communities.



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