Resistance: theme of the 11th Rencontres

Resistance: theme of the 11th Rencontres

The 11th edition of Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie will have “Resistance” as its theme and run from July 15 to September 30, 2020, in ten or so settings throughout the Gaspé Peninsula.

Resistance” is just the right word to launch this 11th edition! Long before the current global situation, the theme of resistance drew its meaning in an opposition to the state of the planet, to the race for a balanced budget at all costs, to a lack of humanity, and to the environment belittled oh so many times in the name of the economy.

Remaining, enduring, resisting: that’s one response available to us when we’re overwhelmed by something bigger than ourselves. Art, photography, in harmony with a work-as-revelation, artist-sites, expanding the awareness of a region ‒ these are what make up the richness of an itinerary extending over more than 800 kilometers. The artistic body of this edition shapes itself around a vision, a proposal both open and poetic. The photograph, the image in motion: it questions, rises, astonishes, disrupts, unsettles. As in contrast to the current tragedy… We’ve brought together artists in a catalyzing artistic project that offers different points of view on the theme of resistance. There’s also the question of protecting the common good, the individual and collective act. Like an observatory on the current state of things, one that is full of humanity and hope, photography has the power of allowing us to see the invisible!

Resisting is reflected in our decision to launch outdoor exhibitions until September 30, 2020 with a view to offering, in complete safety, a programming imbued with light and poetry to citizens of the Gaspé Peninsula and to our partnering parks and host municipalities.

2020 artists

The names of the artists participating in the 11th Rencontres will be announced in late May.

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