Youri Cayron and Romain Rivalan
in Paspébiac


Ask the Birds

Beach promenade | 30 Rue du Banc | Paspébiac

Youri Cayron and Romain Rivalan, Marseille (France) |

Youri Cayron and Romain Rivalan tackle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the basis of architecture and urban planning. At the crossroads of video art, documentary film and photography, their poetic images meet up with concrete testimonials, captured from Tel Aviv to Ramallah by way of close to a dozen other locations. They relate with commitment and with poetry the story of these inhabitants, entrepreneurs and architects, and their search for power, space and identity.

At the heart of these densely populated areas, the ancient town and the modern city intermix at a point where the occupation of the land, construction, and heritage conservation transcend the simple question of urban planning. From the concrete-covered Israeli coast to the cement-covered slopes of Nablus, the artists offer a different perspective on these towns that seem to stretch more and more towards the heavens and reveal a sometimes anarchic urban planning, where chaos is in evidence and where a conflict is played out whose issues go far beyond the framework of these borders.


Ask the Birds

Youri Cayron and Romain Rivalan are French artists who have worked as a duo since 2014. One is a videographer, the other a photographer. Together they raise questions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Denouncing the lines and faults of chaos

CHAOS denounces the bankruptcies of a present fragmented by conflicts. It reveals the faults that give shape to places and that affect populations, notably through borders, architecture or military zones: Youri Cayron and Romain Rivalan in Palestine; Debi Cornwall at the Guantánamo Bay military detention center; Nadav Kander in Russia and Kazakhstan; or Daniel Schwarz and Andreas Rutkauskas along the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada.