“Irreversible” by Alain Paiement – Installation to be seen in Paspébiac

“Irreversible” by Alain Paiement – Installation to be seen in Paspébiac

The Centre culturel de Paspébiac is currently featuring the large-scale installation “Irreversible” by Montreal artist Alain Paiement, made up of three video pieces – Sémaphore asynchrone (Asynchronous Semaphore, 2014), Dérive (Drift Ice, 2012), Lunes asynchrones (Asynchronous Moons, 2012) – and photography, Start-End-Here (2012).

“The installation is touched by a quiet anxiety regarding irreversible phenomena, and the limits of our consciousness,” explains Alain Paiement. A lighthouse signals a risk of grounding; drift ice and the graceful movements of jellyfish are presented by the artist as “emblematic icons of the climate change that the planet is currently undergoing. The video-photography substantially modifies our understanding of the change.”

Professor at the School of Visual and Media Arts of the Université du Québec à Montréal since 2005, Alain Paiement lives and works in Montreal. His work has been the subject of many individual and group exhibitions across Canada and the United States, as well as being presented in Europe, Latin America and Asia since the 1980s. His practice is also documented internationally in close to 100 exhibit catalogues, art monographs and articles in specialist periodicals. He has also realized several works of public art in Québec, including the monumental Tessellations sans fin (2013) in the lobby of the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal Research Centre.

See the artist’s profile for more details about his artistic approach and his biography, as well as to find out the schedule for visiting the installation.

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