August 17 > 18: 2 days of events in the presence of the artists

August 17 > 18: 2 days of events in the presence of the artists


in the presence of the artists, FREE ACCESS.




Miguasha National Park

11 a.m. | Visit of François Quévillon’s exhibit in the presence of the artist

Created by François Quévillon in Newfoundland, in 2017, and taken a step further in the Gaspé during the summer of 2018, the exhibition deciphers the geological history of this area through a combination of photography and technology.




Quai des arts | Carleton-sur-Mer


Quai des arts | Carleton-sur-Mer
2 p.m. | Lecture-discussion with artists from the CHAOS edition
Fiona Annis, Martin Becka, Debi Cornwall, Isabelle Gagné, Mathilde Forest + Mathieu Gagnon, Myriam Gaumond, Janie Julien-Fort, François Quévillon, Éli Laliberté.
> Foyer Hydro-Québec

4 p.m. | Visit of the exhibition The Photographic Book 2018
> Bibliothèque Gabrielle-Bernard-Dubé

5 p.m. | Opening
Martin Becka and Isabelle Gagné’s exhibits in the presence of the artists
> Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague




Soirée à ciel ouvert | Carleton-sur-Mer

Special night | Carleton-sur-Mer
7.30 p.m. | Outdoor screening of art films + performance
Indian Time, video by Elena Perlino
La cartomancie du territoire, live performance from Philippe Ducros (text) and Éli Laliberté (images)
Ask the birds, art film by Youri Cayron et Romain Rivalan
> Parc des Horizons

9:15 p.m. | Nighttime drop-in at the Martin Parr exhibit
> Pointe Tracadigash





Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock National Park  | Percé


4 p.m. | Visit of Debi Cornwall’s exhibit in the presence of the artist
5 p.m. | Screening
Welcome to Camp America by Debi Cornwall
> la Neigère building | Rue du Quai



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