Natacha Clitandre
in Paspébiac


Coastline – situation scenario

Natacha Clitandre, Montreal, Québec |

Natacha Clitandre sets off to encounter human beings and their narratives. Her creation Coastline – situation scenario focuses on the way in which we deal with changes in our region. This first stage was carried out in close collaboration with the population of Paspébiac during a residency by the artist in 2019.

During an encounter with the artist, participants became her temporary guides, moving with her on the line of contact between land and sea, as they provided their testimonies. They evoked those changes perceived on the individual scale resulting from human development, from coastal erosion and from current climatic upheavals. At the crossroads of digital art, the content of the spoken word and photo documentary, the work combines what was shared by each one into a photographic recomposition that provides 360-degree access to a fragment of a Gaspesian coastal landscape.

With Coastline – situation scenario, Natacha Clitandre directs her gaze at the Gaspesian community, its historical narratives and its relationship to the region both current and past. She invites us to take a fresh look at our common spaces, to decompartmentalize living environments and reveal their historical strata.


Coastline – situation scenario

The works of Natacha Clitandre have been presented in Europe (Nantes, Paris, Brussels) and North America (Québec City, Montreal, Pittsburgh, New York). She lives and works in Montreal, where she is also programming coordinator at the Studio XX artist center.