Hanne Van Der Woude
in Gaspé (Forillon National Park)


Emmy’s World

Grande-Grave National Heritage site | Forillon National Park | Gaspé
From July 15th to September 15th

Hanne van der Woude, Arnhem, the Netherlands | hannevanderwoude.nl

Hanne van der Woude (born 1982 in Nijmegen, Netherlands) lives and works in Arnhem.

Since graduating from ArtEZ in Arnhem she has worked on independent projects such as MC1R − Natural redheads (2008) and Emmy’s World (2009-2015), which drew much international press attention. Her work has been exhibited at the Fotomuseum in the Hague, the Netherlands (2008), at the Musee d’Elysee in Lausanne, Switzerland (2008), at the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts in Hokuto, Japan (2010 and 2013) and at Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography in Amsterdam (2015).


Emmy’s World

From 2009 on, the photographer shared life’s joys and sorrows with an older married couple and the brother of one of them: people who despite their age never lost touch with their creativity or non-conformist disposition. Van der Woude gives special attention to the last remaining survivor: the 84-year-old artist, Emmy, who lives in an old school building in the Betuwe (Netherlands) surrounded by guinea fowl. For six years Van der Woude became a part of Emmy’s world. Two central elements of Emmy’s personality are an inexhaustible admiration for nature and the urge to collect everything around her. Van der Woude has captured these characteristics in specific moments; whether Emmy is spending time with her favorites guinea fowl, Klara, or nursing her incurably ill husband, Ben. Then there is Ben’s brother Egbert, who had been living ascetically in rural France, but suddenly falls ill and is forced to move in with them.