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Viva ‘o rre (Long Live the King)

Carlo Rainone, Italy |

Carlo Rainone dips into the history of Italy to evoke what left a mark on its identity, between union and division, in the nineteenth century. In 1861 the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies disappeared, after almost fifty years of existence, the north and south of Italy finding themselves henceforth united under a single flag.

With unification the Bourbon royal family was forced to flee, and the country thus found itself with neither a capital nor a nation, leaving a new identity born of the new borders unresolved. Over the last ten years, following the economic and social crisis that marked the country, many people have been taking another look at the narrative of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. In the form of cultural travel, they’ve set off on the trail of that kingdom, and at the same time of the true sense of the term “being Neapolitan.” Carlo Rainone focuses on portraits and on places evocative of history, notably in the former capital, Naples. His photo series pursues that quest for an identity where the clues to the past resurface to encounter the present.


Viva ‘o rre Long Live the King

Carlo Rainone is a documentary photographer with an interest in cultural and identity issues, as well as in manifestations of the feeling of belonging. He’s photographed the protest movements in Gezi Park in Istanbul, and did a masterclass in photojournalism at Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence, Italy, in 2015. He’s received a number of distinctions, including a Slideluck Naples award, and has been part of several group exhibitions in Italy.