Anita Andrzejewska
at Carleton-sur-Mer


The Wink of an Eye

Municipal beach (boardwalk) | Boulevard Perron (near Rue du Quai) | Carleton-sur-Mer (Carleton sector)

Anita Andrzejewska, Cracow, Poland |

A photographer and illustrator, Anita Andrzejewska is a graduate of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts.

She has been involved in numerous artistic and social undertakings across Europe and Asia, notably as part of projects that have taken place in Poland, Iran, Turkey and Italy. Her works have been presented in Japan, the U.S., Iran, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Island.


The Wink of an Eye

Anita Andrzejewska turns to places without spectacular beauty that provoke a new fascination in her: an old yard in Poland, food stalls in Burma, or a stone in the middle of the Iranian desert. Directing her gaze at what normally escapes our view, the artist moves away from her role as observer to immerse herself in those details that forge the uniqueness of each place visited. Borne by an attentive and new contemplation, using film photography exclusively, she brings to the heart of her work all the possibilities generated by rambling and roaming. And the camera reverts to the simplicity of a unique act of capture.